Our main goal is to become the first Scandinavians to travel from Asia to Sweden on ATV:s.

A journey that covers more than 12000 kilometres and involves a crossing of the legendary Gobi desert in Mongolia, Driving on dangerous roads in Siberia and find a way through Kazakhstan.

It has always been a dream of mine to travel from Asia to Europe by land and I asked my friend Kristian to tag along. To make it more challenging we decided to use ATV:s as only a handful of people have tried to use these for long distance travelling.

As neither me or Kristian have much driving experience or even own any ATV:s we asked ATV SWEDEN, one of the biggest ATV importers in Sweden, to lend us a CECTEK Gladiator T6 and a CF-MOTO Terralander 800.

The challenges will be many and we will have to tackle them with only basic tools and navigation materials. Finding fuel in the Gobi desert can be critical and the fact that we will be using such unique vehicles eliminates any chances to find the right mechanical help and spare parts if something would break.

We have been told to expect dangers such as armed robberys, drunk and speeding truck drivers, corrupt border personell and police officers, bears, wolfes and to get stranded in the deserts after running dry on fuel or getting lost.

A Journey like this usually requires at least six months of perfect planning. We started seven weeks before departure…

However our expectations are many and we are looking forward to explore these very remote countries and cross their wast landmasses. Meeting the people that inhabitate these areas and to learn about their cultures and daily life survivals will be the spirit of this journey.

We will try our best to share this experiences with you.

Our expectations were these; having an amazing trip, see a new part of the world and explore the crap out of it. It was said that this kind of trip was not possible with ATV, we wanted to prove everyone that they were wrong.

/Peter Monsler